Senior Hockey Teams

Senior Hockey Teams

We field six Ladies' Teams, eight Mens' Teams and a Veterans' side, playing across Yorkshire and the East of England.

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Junior Hockey

Junior Hockey

Our unrivalled Junior Hockey program provides hockey to the youngsters of Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

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Who Are We?

LINDUM HOCKEY CLUB formed over the summer of 2015, merging the previous two hockey clubs in Lincoln of Lincoln Hockey Club and Lincoln Roses Hockey Club.

We will never forget the roots of HOCKEY IN LINCOLN – an environment that enables all to play hockey in a fun, safe and caring environment.

We will offer an environment that embraces all; never forgetting the need to provide hockey for everyone whilst challenging elite players to excel at the highest level. Our biggest asset is the club member. Our values place all club members at the heart of the club.

Next Fixtures

Ladies 1st Team v. Lowestoft 1 v. Lowestoft 1
at Lindum Sports Association Lindum Sports Association
Ladies 2nd Team v. City of York 4 v. City of York 4
at Huntington School Huntington School
Ladies 3rd Team v. Sheffield University Bankers 3 v. Sheffield University Bankers 3
at Lindum Sports Association Lindum Sports Association
Ladies 4th Team v. Grimsby 2 v. Grimsby 2
at Grimsby Institute & University Centre Grimsby Institute & University Centre
Mens 2nd Team v. Boston Spa 1 v. Boston Spa 1
at Lincoln University Lincoln University
Mens 3rd Team v. Tadcaster Magnets 1 v. Tadcaster Magnets 1
at Energise Sports Centre Energise Sports Centre
Mens 4th Team v. Sheffield Hallam 6 v. Sheffield Hallam 6
at Lincoln University Lincoln University
Mens 5th Team v. Hull University 2 v. Hull University 2
at University of Hull University of Hull
Mens 6th Team v. Slazengers 3 v. Slazengers 3
at Slazengers Sports Club Slazengers Sports Club
Mens 8th Team v. Slazengers 5 v. Slazengers 5
at Lindum Sports Association Lindum Sports Association

Latest Results

Ladies 1st Team v. Cambridge Uni 2 v. Cambridge Uni 2 on 18/03/17
Draw 2 - 2
Ladies 2nd Team v. Ben Rhydding 3 v. Ben Rhydding 3 on 18/03/17
Lost 3 - 1
Ladies 3rd Team v. Dronfield 1 v. Dronfield 1 on 18/03/17
Win 5 - 1
Ladies 4th Team v. Driffield 4 v. Driffield 4 on 18/03/17
Lost 3 - 2
Ladies 5th Team v. Epworth 2 v. Epworth 2 on 18/03/17
Draw 1 - 1
Ladies 6th Team v. Hull University 3 v. Hull University 3 on 18/02/17
Win 4 - 0
Mens 1st Team v. Lancaster & Morecambe 1 v. Lancaster & Morecambe 1 on 18/03/17
Lost 4 - 2
Mens 2nd Team v. Rotherham 1 v. Rotherham 1 on 18/03/17
Lost 4 - 3
Mens 3rd Team v. Leeds Adel 2 v. Leeds Adel 2 on 18/03/17
Lost 3 - 0
Mens 4th Team v. Huddersfield Dragons 3 v. Huddersfield Dragons 3 on 18/03/17
Win 4 - 2
Mens 5th Team v. Brigg 3 v. Brigg 3 on 18/03/17
Lost 6 - 1
Mens 6th Team v. Doncaster 6 v. Doncaster 6 on 18/03/17
Mens 7th Team v. Chapeltown 4 v. Chapeltown 4 on 15/10/16
Mens 8th Team v. Sheff Hallam 9 v. Sheff Hallam 9 on 18/03/17

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Lindum Hockey Club are a local sports club with a large, diverse membership. Talk to us about working together for your brand.

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Upcoming Events

End of Season Ball 2016 / 2017

Coaching for Club Players Course

Ladies 1s' Yorkshire Playoff

Lindum HC's 2017 AGM

Introduction to Hockey Coaching

Fundraising at Lindum HC
Lindum Hockey's One Hundred Club

Hockey Training

Mens’ Hockey, ages 13+ 6:30pm – 8pm
Mens’ Hockey, Teams 4+, 6:30pm – 8pm
Mens’ Hockey, Teams 1, 2 & 3, 8pm – 9:30pm

Ladies’ Hockey, ages 13+ 6:30pm – 8pm
Ladies’ Hockey, Teams 4+, 6:30pm – 8pm
Ladies’ Hockey, Teams 1, 2 & 3, 8pm – 9:30pm

Junior Hockey, ages 5 – 12, 8:45am – 10:30pm

Play For Lindum Hockey Club

Lindum Hockey Club always has hockey playing opportunities regardless of age or ability. Register your (no obligation) interest in Lindum Hockey Club below or read more about getting involved.

Non-playing opportunities also available!

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