Lost Property

Sunday, 13th of January 2013

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club
Following the inter-club game on Saturday the 12th of January, the following pieces of hockey equipment were left at the pitch-side at Yarborough Leisure Centre. Leaving a hockey game without your stick takes some real skill and an interesting (lack of) presence of mind so well done to the two people in the club missing what is seen as a vital item for any game!

If you recognise any of these items as your own, please get in touch to arrange their return. The mick may not be taken too much, though such promises can’t be made at this stage.


Hockey Stick 1 – TK CX3-OM

Lost Property - Stick 1

This is a blue TK CX3-OM stick. It apparently doesn’t belong to either Tony Wing or Mark Sadler (they have both checked).

It’s in pretty good condition, possibly less than a season old. There is a little wear to the underside of the hook and the handle, which looks like the original one fitted by the manufacturer.


Hockey Stick 2 – Kookaburra

Lost Property - Stick 2

This Kookaburra stick looks a little older than the one above, and has been heavily customised through the use of tape (sporting white, yellow and pink). The hook-end is quite heavy.


Hockey Glove – Kookaburra

Lost Property 3 - Glove

Possibly belonging to the same Kookaburra fan as the second stick, this green and black glove has seen a fair amount of action judging by the amount of wear on it and the smell alone! It’s definitely been used during wet weather conditions.


Anything not claimed will go into the Alex Cooper collection of kit, that saves him buying a new stick every couple of seasons.

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club

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