Results from March the 2nd and 3rd

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This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club
Following last week’s home advantage pattern, this week was all about the 2s winning and the 1s not being able to bring home the points. The Ladies 1s doubled-up their games, in a rearranged game with Upminster, but neither game proved fruitful. The Mens 1s played a highly competitive game in Wakefield but weren’t able to match their opposition in putting the ball in the back of the net. The Ladies 2s won a local derby game against Lincoln Roses and the Mens 2s brought home three points from a thrilling game against Sheffield Bankers.

Team Oppostion Location Game Type Result
Ladies 1st Team St Albans 2 Away League Game Lost 5 – 1
Ladies 2nd Team Lincoln Roses 2 Away League Game Won 3 – 0
Mens 1st Team Wakefield  3 Away League Game Lost 1 – 0
Mens 2nd Team Sheffield University Bankers  7 Home League Game Won 4 – 1
Ladies 1st Team Upminster 1 Home League Game Lost 3 – 1



@AlexPCooper In the build up to the Mens 2’s game
Looking forward to a good game of #hockey this afternoon for @Lincoln_Hockey!


@DanielT70 In response to the Mens 2’s game
A win at home against Sheffield today, 4(?) – 1 I think #TopGame! 🙂 @Lincoln_Hockey


@AlexPCooper In response to the Mens 2’s game
@Lincoln_Hockey Never played a game where a #vuvuzela was used to celebrate a goal!

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club

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