Match Reports, 22nd of October 2016

Posted by Sean O'Kelly
Thursday, 3rd of November 2016
Match Reports, 22nd of October 2016 Match Reports, 22nd of October 2016

Match Reports for October the 22nd from Ben Leeming, Sibyl Gassner, Alex Carlin, Alex Cooper and Laura Latarche. All expertly compiled by Sean O’Kelly.


Men’s 1st Team

  • v. University of Durham 2 (away), written by Ben Leeming
  • Lost 5 – 2 (Goal scorers: Mike White, Ric Corbett)

Men’s 1s poor away form continues but there are signs of improvement

In the latest and the latest game of the season so far for Lindum Men’s 1s (15.45pb), the team faced a quick and well-drilled Uni of Durham 2s which featured nearly as many coaches as we normally have. The game started reasonably promisingly for Lindum, with fewer shaky moments in the early stages of the match than we have come to expect. Whether this extra stability is down to returning centre-back and leg-day avoider Tom Saunders is up for debate. What is for sure is that despite the Saunders effect, Durham took the lead on the half-hour mark through some speedy counterattacking play. HT – 1-0

Lindum responded well after the break, levelling though a Mike White drag flick then taking the lead with a wonderful spinning finish from sand correspondent Ric Corbett. Lindum contained the opposition for large sections of the game, despite a gradually dwindling subs bench due to injury and coach Johnson being dismissed from the side-line (approximately 10 yards). However, in what has come to be an undesirable trademark of the M1s, we conceded 4 goals within a few minutes through open play and short corners in an otherwise more positive game. An unjustified yellow was awarded to a Lindum player shortly before the end of the game, however no more details of this incident were available. FT – 5-2.

Team: Matt Ward (GK), Ben Leeming, Matt Ingram, Ian Ferraby, Tom White, Ben Treadgold, Mike White, Sam Temple-Baxter (Capt.), George Johnstone, Rob Johnstone, Ric Corbett, Harry Swift, James Dewhurst, Tom Saunders, Gary Johnson
Head Coach: Gary Johnson


Ladies 1st Team

  • v. Cambridge City 2 (home), written by Sibyl Gassner
  • Drew 2 – 2 (Goal scorers: Sibyl Gassner, Breesha Foxton)

[English version]

After an extended warming up of 20 minutes Lindum started the match strong with lots of attacks and good combinations. Sarah Farrington and Maxine Clark played a very strong game and 25 minutes into the first half Sibyl Gassner (the same person who ended up as “d*** of the day” for being sent off the pitch) scored the first goal from a short corner.

The second half Cambridge City got stronger and scored two short corners and lead the game 2-1. Kayleigh Porter kept Lindum in the match, and towards the end Lindum came back to draw after a beautiful tip in by Breesha Foxton.


[Dutch version]

Na een verlengde warming-up begon Lindum Ladies 1 erg sterk aan de eerste helft met mooie combinaties en sterke aanvallen. Sarah Farrington en Maxine Clark speelden een sterke wedstrijd en 25 minuten in de eerste helft scoorde Sibyl Gassner het eerste doelpunt voor Lindum uit een strafcorner.

In de tweede helft kwam Cambridge City sterk terug en scoorde de 1-2 uit twee strafcorners. Kayleigh Porter hield Lindum in de race en na een goede aanval over rechts scoorde Breecha Foxton een prachtige tip-in. Een welverdiende 2-2 voor Lindum.


Men’s 2nd Team

  • v. Sheffield Hallam 3 (home)
  • Lost 2 – 1 (Goal scorer: Dave Knowles)


Ladies 2nd Team

  • v. Tadcaster Magnets 1 (away), written by Alex Carlin
  • Lost 2 – 0

It was a bright and sunny start to our away game in York. The first 10 minutes looked promising with opportunities to score driven up from the defence (Holly, Zoe, Naomi and Georgie). With cracking efforts from Charlotte and Rachel on the goal. Despite best efforts to push the ball into attacking play, Lindum struggled to find a goal. The weather started to turn, alongside the scoreline. Just before half time, Tadcaster managed to score a field goal around our defence.

After a gentle ‘pep’ talk from Captain Clarkey, we turned to the field with fire in our bellies, to try and turn the score around. Lindum players pushed higher into attack, in an attempt to generate some goals. But Tadcaster Magnets seemed to hold possession well and managed to score another goal in the second half. At the final whistle the score line was a 2-0 loss to the Lindum. The score doesn’t reflect the effort from the players, lady luck didn’t seem to be on Lindum’s side today.

Dod: Alex Carlin (for exemplary verbal communication, I had laryngitis!),
Mom: bizarrely Alex Carlin! (I don’t know why).


Men’s 3rd Team

  • v. Worksop 1 (away)
  • Won 6 – 3 (Goal scorers: Jacob Barnes [3], Shane Barr [2], Anth Gorman)


Ladies 3rd Team

  • v. Epworth 1 (home)
  • Won 4 – 0 (Goal scorers: Lindsay Pritchard [2], Gemma Barnsdale, Abbie Marwood)


Men’s 4th Team

  • v. Doncaster 5 (home), written by Alex Cooper
  • Drew 2 – 2 (Goal scorers: Marcus Todd, Dave Roberts)

Probably a fair result

The Men’s 4s looked a little different this week, with “special guest” status awarded to 11 of the 13-man squad. This showed in the first 10 minutes as Doncaster were clearly more organised than we were and wanted the ball more. Credit to the club’s coaches, though, that 10 minutes was all it took for Lindum to start to gel and put in a display equal, if not better, to the visitors.
The first goal for Lindum was scored by Marcus Todd; a beautiful mid-air shot from the left of the D that left everyone gob-smacked! Robbo claimed he got a touch on it but based on what Robbo was unable to do later with the ball when it was on the ground and in front of the goal (or perhaps because of that) I took the Captain’s Prerogative and refused recognition for it! Robbo did get the second goal and after a break from the Doncaster forwards we were 2-1 up at half time. Toby Harper-Lawerence did a very solid job in goal. We were a much settled side in the second half but couldn’t score. A bit of a game of tennis, with the ball going up to one end and then back the other. Doncaster took advantage of some increasingly poor possession on our part and managed to sneak one more goal in. In the last 10 one of their players was carded by Jimmy (rightly), had a hissy fit and threw his stick at the fence so he was given a further yellow for unnecessarily high wear n’ tear to the facilities, and never returned to the game. Despite this we couldn’t capitalise despite spending a lot of time in Doncaster’s D.

The scoreline of 2-2 was probably a fair result and the game could have so easily gone to either side. Star performances all round to a team that hadn’t before played as a team.


Ladies 4th Team

  • v. Newland 1 (away)
  • Lost 4 – 1 (Goal scorer: Cathy Burgess)


Men’s 5th Team

  • v. Doncaster 4 (away)
  • Lost 13 – 0


Ladies 5th Team

  • v. Brigg 3 (away), written by Laura Latarche
  • Won 3 – 0 (Goal scorers: Emma Wright [2], Alisa Christian)

It took us 15-20 minutes to settle into the game. Eventually we developed some good organised play for Emma Wright to score the 1st goal of the game.

The second half was a much more confident, which showed in our constructive passing allowing us to dominate the game. Sally Gregory slipped the ball to allow Alisa Christian to score the second goal. We continued to pressurise which resulted in the 3rd goal from Emma Wright.


Men’s 6th Team

  • v. Huddersfield Dragons 4 (home)
  • Won 6 – 0 (Goal scorers: Laurent McCready [2], Mark Sadler [2], Andy Thorne, Luke South)
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