Start of the 2020/21 Hockey Season

Posted by Alex Cooper
Wednesday, 26th of August 2020
Start of the 2020/21 Hockey Season Start of the 2020/21 Hockey Season

Following two successful trials of training in preparation for the new season, Lindum HC is ready to open up training to all club members and start the new hockey season

Earlier this month three things happened on the journey to the start of the new season;

  1. The Lindum Sports Association reopened the astro-turf pitch
  2. England Hockey moved from Stage 2 to Stage 4 on their Return To Play plan
  3. Lindum Hockey Club began a trial of training sessions

On the latter point we’ve now held four training sessions, for the 1s and 2s and since included the Under 18s in those teams, and we are now ready to open this up to all club members.


What Everyone Needs To Do

In order to start training there are four tasks that need completing by everyone;

  1. Register with England Hockey’s covid-system
  2. Register with Lindum Hockey Club as a member
  3. Pay a Covid Membership
  4. Book a training slot

At the time of writing we still don’t know for certain how the new league hockey season will look. We are continuing to follow the advice we’re being given and that is to plan for “business as usual” but clearly there are still plenty of factors that need to be overcome before we reach England Hockey’s Stage 5.

At this point, we are putting in place measures to ensure that every club member has the opportunity to train at hockey. We are planning for training to commence, across the club, from the week commencing September the 7th and the full schedule will be published shortly.


Register with England Hockey’s covid-system

England Hockey are running a Track and Trace system and everyone needs to be signed up to it. This only needs to be done only the once.

We’re not allowing any pitch bookings until this has been done and we’ve seen that registration on there isn’t reported back immediately so this needs to be filled in a minimum of 24 hours before your first session – we suggest it’s carried out at your earliest convenience.
The link is–asEa8eSc6g-NqKCAUipGoe_luyiEaiZUMlE4NUVKRDZENzJGNUtNVEE5NVlXME9ETC4u


Register with Lindum Hockey Club

As has been the case in previous years, membership is run via the website.
The steps to this are;

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name and email
  3. In the link you’re emailed, click on it to open the registration system and either;
  4. Create a new registration for the 2020/21 season
  5. Renew a previous registration
  6. A membership payment will be added to your basket


Pay Membership

You can either pay the membership amount in your basket, securely online, at this point or come back later. In the latter case please go back into the Club Membership system the same way (by generating an email on the same address as last time) and press the “Make Payment” button – this will add the value into your basket again.

Please don’t duplicate your club registration.

For senior players, as mentioned earlier in the month, a reduced covid-membership fee is in place to provide financial support to members. As and when the league season gets underway we will request a “top-up” fee to the usual senior rate.

For junior players, to prevent the handling of cash and the risk of cross-contamination between club members, the weekly £4 fee will not apply this year and we are only offering the annual fee paid online.


Book a training slot

Keeping to the guidance, we have strict parameters to work to and this includes the number of people on the pitch at any one time. To ensure that this happens we have a booking system in place this year so that we can keep this in place.

One the first three steps, above, have been completed (bear in mind that recognition of filling in England Hockey’s covid-registration does not happen in real-time) you will receive a further email.

  1. Log in with the credentials sent to you in the email
  2. When you’re signed it you should be taken straight to the training calendar
  3. Where a session is available…
    1. Select a date
    2. Select a time
  4. Accept the terms, conditions and guidance (these are emailed as well as available on the booking system)
  5. Click the “Book Session” button
  6. In most cases you’ll receive an email confirmation and the training dates booked will also appear on this page

Please do not turn up to a training session that you have not been booked in for. The coaches will ask you to leave and, if they must, cancel sessions immediately and without notice.

Each session will include a register of attendees so that we can hold, and provide to England Hockey, information on track and trace should anyone experience suspected symptoms. More information on this is available on the booking system.

Please note that training sessions will be populated when the schedule is announced, so may not be in place immediately.


As the season goes on, the only action that needs to be repeated is the booking of training sessions.


New Players

In previous years, new players have been invited to training to see if you like what we’re about and determine for certain whether we’re the club for you. That won’t be possible this season due to the need to go through the process above to join in.

If you’re new to the club please contact us and let us know of your interest so that we can make arrangements for you to come down and take part.


Matches / Games / Leagues

As mentioned above we are currently planning for the season to begin as normal. Until we know for certain what is or isn’t happening then we don’t want to fuel speculation before anything official is announced. We obviously want to play hockey but we also want to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The club has little influence over national and regional-scale decisions, so we can only prepare as best we can and give everyone the opportunity to get back onto the pitch.

We are currently awaiting guidance on intra-club games and if we get to the point where the league seasons won’t be getting underway as expected then we’ll assess at this point and respond accordingly.

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