LSA Covid Requirements, May 2021

Posted by Tony Perrin
Tuesday, 18th of May 2021
LSA Covid Requirements, May 2021 LSA Covid Requirements, May 2021

Lindum Sports Association’s General Covid Requirements from the 17th of May 2021 (and the immediate future, subject to any change needed or enforcement)

All Lindum Hockey Club members and players should be aware of the current situation in place, with regard to the Covid-19 requirements, at the Lindum Sports Association. These requirements are as below and as per the England Hockey guidelines.


Test and Trace

All persons using the Lindum facilities must “check in” to the venue using the updated official NHS QR code that is posted around all the Lindum facilities including the hockey pitch. If they cannot use a QR code record they must record their name and mobile number inside the main building to the manager Chris Spurr or the person on duty. Failure to do this could mean a refused entry.


Clubhouse, Clubroom and Bar

The Bar will be open most nights during the week by arrangement until 10:30pm, Saturday and Sunday – the bar will be open as usual and will always shut at 9:00pm.



The main Clubroom will reopen with Government Covid restrictions in place (please note that the clubroom is closed on Fridays). Please do not go to the bar. Place your order at the fire door table as before and please be patient. Your order will be processed and delivered back to the Fire Door table.

In the Clubroom there will be up to a maximum of seven tables laid out, each holding six chairs or stools. Please do not move these between tables. This means that there is a maximum of 42 persons in total allowed to sit at these tables and with Government guidelines advised of a maximum of six persons per table, with at least one metre social distancing. Please do not move between the tables. To drink in this room you must sit at a table and no standing drinking is allowed.

The Clubroom will be open at certain times during the day, except for Fridays, even when the Bar is not open. You are reminded that the “Rule of Six” at all tables still applies and you must not have more than six persons around the table. It is not to be used as a Meeting area for all players to congregate together, so please respect that ruling. There are televisions involved and you must respect this ruling when watching them. We would suggest that if not drinking you continue to wear your face masks.


Please do not go to the bar. Place your order at the fire door table as before and please be patient. Your order will be processed and delivered back to the Fire Door table. Groups outside can now be up to 30 persons, social distancing. If there is not enough seating would you please sit in your groups on the grass and social distance. You are still not permitted to drink standing up at present.

Please note that the outside picnic tables will be for the use of Bar users only when it is open. If you are just spectating would you please give up your seat to a Bar user.

Payment by Card (preferred) or Cash.



Facemasks are optional outside but must be worn inside when standing up or going to the toilets.


Note: If the Bar Area requirements are not strictly adhered to then it will be closed in the future.


Changing Rooms and Showers

The Lindum Sports Association have decided that all changing rooms and showers, including the Squash Area with its toilets, will remain closed for the immediate future pending government relaxation at the next stage. However, in an emergency, changing room 1 (HOME), first on the left in corridor, can be used for medical reasons.

It is deemed that changing rooms and showers are not a priority at present. This can be reviewed later if it is thought to be necessary or by the time of the next step level.



The main block of toilets at the end of the Changing Rooms corridor will be the only toilets open at the present time for use by Cricket, Hockey and Squash. These are now back to normal use – Females to the left and Males to the right (the Squash Area Changing Rooms, Toilets and Showers are currently still closed).
The Accessible toilet is to be used only by those who require it.

Please sanitise your hands on entry and exit.

Facemasks must be worn in the toilet area. Please take care to social distance between other users.
Toilets are to be locked by Clubs at the end of the day’s use if Lindum staff are not present.


Car Parking

The top car park, closest to the building, is for use by the Cricket and Squash Club only.
The Bottom Car Park (near the Artificial Hockey Pitch) is to be used by the Hockey Club only.

Please make sure your members and visitors know this.
Note: Car Parks to be locked after the days’ use by Clubs.



We are pleased to confirm that all spectators are now permitted. Spectators must still observe social distancing and the gathering legal limits of a maximum group of 30 people outside. Multi groups of 30 are permitted outside with no interaction between groups.

Curves: Womens Only Gym
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