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Posted by Alex Cooper
Friday, 29th of April 2022
Club Balances Club Balances

Information to clarify what happens with Club Members’ balances over the summer and into the next season

I had intended to post this much earlier, though I’ve also responded to some direct enquiries from club members along the same lines, regarding what happens to monies in MyClub accounts.


Balance in balance

If your balance is zero, there’s nothing to worry about. Hold on until next season.


Balance in Credit

If your account’s in credit then that’s your money, not the club’s and you are entitled to it. It will be there until you spend it within the club or request a withdrawal which we can do at any time (see later).

It will not zero out due to the rolling over to the new season, later this year, and you won’t lose it. When you renew your membership, for next season, your 2022-23 season membership is automatically linked onto your existing profile so everything carries over as it does now. The balance you have in there at the moment, unless anything is spent or credited, will be exactly the same amount you’ll have at the start of the new season.

As an example, if you have fuel money that means you’re in credit at the moment you can either keep it in there and offset it against next season’s membership funds or you can have it back now.

If you know you won’t be playing next year, for example if you’re a student and won’t be in Lincoln, now’s a good time to request your balance in payment.


Balance in Debit

As we’re wrapping up the end of the season now, the club’s finances do need settling and so it is requested that any account in debit please be paid as soon as possible. Balances in arrears may affect participation in summer hockey and the start of next season.


Receiving a Payment

If you are requesting a payment, please do so from the form within the MyClub system. Requests made via other channels will not be honoured (mainly because I can’t keep up with them!).

There are several options available for payment, and if you can specify which at the point of requesting, it will get to you quicker.

1) Credit via PayPal (if you have a PayPal account – please let us know your PayPal email address)
This is actioned pretty much instantaneously
2) BACs Transfer
We’ll need your back account number and sort code, and this will take a bit longer to request
3) Retain the credit and use for future fees or costs (assuming you’re playing next season, of course)

Direct Debit Agreements

During the off-season, assuming you’re playing next year and your balance is zero, you can keep your Direct Debit agreement in place without any concerns about being charged.

The club only carries out a monthly payment collection if your balance is below zero. So you can keep the bank agreement in place, for the future, but you won’t be charged anything over the summer. You don’t need to terminate the agreement now and start up a new one at the beginning of the next hockey season.

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