Team Captains, 2023-24

Posted by Matt Bell
Monday, 5th of June 2023
Team Captains, 2023-24 Team Captains, 2023-24

Planning is well underway for the 2023-24 hockey season, and the Senior Team Captains have been announced


Ladies Captains

Ladies 1st Team
To Be Confirmed

Ladies 2nd Team
Captain: Megan Wing
Vice Captain: Gemma Barnsdale

Ladies 3rd Team
Captain: Becky Newmarch
Vice Captain: Katie Ewing

Ladies 4th Team
Captain: Alex Carlin
Vice Captain: Chrissie Kimbrell

Ladies 5th Team
To Be Confirmed


Mens Captains

Mens 1st Team
Captain: Rob Johnstone

Mens 2nd Team
Captain: Kit Spence

Mens 3rd Team
Captain: Chris Hearn

Mens 4th Team
Captain: Andy Taylor

Mens 5th Team
Captain: Ryan Harrison-Stone

Mens 6th Team
Captain: Alex Cooper

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