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Below are the Season 2019 goalscorer lists, bringing competition from all teams across the club!

Data is provided by Team Captains from the day of the fixture, so if you disagree with the results then please speak to them. If you wish to appear higher up your respective list then score more goals!

Ladies Players

Name Goals
Victoria Fiddies 3
Elizabeth Ransom 3
Sarah Barton 2
Laura Bellamy 2
Helena Palin 2
Chrissie Battersby 1
Elinor Blanchard 1
Hannah Burrell 1
Breesha Foxton 1
Megan Jones 1
Rachel Li Wan Po 1
Claire Lilley 1
Caroline May 1
Orissa Sansoa-Twell 1
Jo Siddans 1
Bev Steel 1
Holly Turnbull 1
Mackenzie Wing 1
Katy Wood 1

Mens Players

Name Goals
David Roberts 11
Josh Pettinger 8
Matthew Bell 4
Sean O'Kelly 4
Tony Wing 4
Jacob Barnes 3
James Dewhurst 3
Stuart Fraser-Cattanach 3
Kurtis Nelson 3
Maximilian Bodimead 2
Byron Fitzgerald 2
Michael Harris 2
Robert Johnstone 2
Zach Mckee 2
Louie Sadler 2
Freddie Wright 2
Harry Antill 1
Will Arnold 1
Craig Ball 1
Shane Barr 1
Callum Cosens 1
Chris Hearn 1
Matt Ingram 1
Kristian Nelson 1
Benjamin Nicholson 1
Ethan Parker 1
Mark Sadler 1
Richard Simpson 1
Kit Spence 1
Harry Swift 1
Scott Taylor 1
Sam Temple-Baxter 1
Grant Watkins 1

Last Updated Last Updated Monday, 21st October, 2019

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