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Lindum Sports Association, St Giles Avenue, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN2 4PE

Mixed Centurions


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England Hockey Mixed Championships
Sean O'Kelly
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Huddersfield Dragons Mixed1100130130W
Holcombe Mixed1100142120W
Spencer Mixed1100100100W
Wycombe Mixed1100100100W
Sutton Coldfield Mixed11007070W
London Edwardians Mixed11007070W
Leeds Beckett University Mixed 111009360W
Neston Mixed11007160W
Bristol Firebrands Flamethrowers Mixed11006060W
Surbiton Mixed Mayhem11006060W
City Of York Romans Mixed11006060W
Driffield Mixed 111006060W
Warwick Mixed11006150W
Wimborne Wayfarers Mixed11006150W
Staines Mixed11006150W
Horsham Mixed11005050W
Burnt Ash (Bexley) Mixed11005050W
Durham City Mixed11007340W
Ipswich Sevens Mixed11005140W
Khalsa Leamington Lions Mixed11004040W
Broxbourne Mixed11004130W
Southgate Mixed 211004130W
PHC Chiswick Mixed11004130W
Leighton Buzzard Mixed 111004130W
Carlisle Mixed11004130W
Romsey Mixed11004130W
Formby Mixed11003030W
Salisbury Mixed 111003030W
Norwich City Mixed 111003030W
Timperley Mixed11003030W
University Of Bath Mixed B11005320W
Witney Mixed 111004220W
Ramsey (IOM) Mixed 11004220W
Olton & West Warwicks Mixed11003120W
Stafford Mixed11003120W
Isca Mixed11003120W
Hertford Mixed11002020W
City Of Peterborough Mixed11007610W
Worthing Mixed11007610W
UK Fire Service Mixed11005410W
Milton Keynes Mixed 111004310W
Eastcote Mixed11004310W
Oxton Mixed11004310W
Maidstone Mixed11003210W
Bedford Mixed11003210W
Shefford & Sandy Mixed11003210W
Solihull Blossomfield Mixed11003210W
Woking Mixed11003210W
Burton Mixed11002110W
Wisbech Town Mixed B11001010W
Lindum Mixed Centurions11001010W
Wapping Printers Mixed11001010W
Norwich Dragons Mixed11001010W
Bridgwater Mixed11001010W
Rugby & East Warwickshire Mixed10103300D
Khalsa Leamington Cubs Mixed10103300D
University Of Nottingham Mixed 110101100D
Lindum Mixed Romans10101100D
Alton Mixed00000000
Havant Mixed00000000
Leadenham Mixed00000000
Horncastle Mixed00000000
Swindon Mixed00000000
Cirencester Mixed00000000
Basingstoke Mixed11000000W
Aldershot & Farnham Mixed10010000L
Warrington Mixed10010000L
Leek Mixed11000000W
Sudbury Mixed10010000L
Harleston Magpies Mixed11000000W
Chelmsford Mixed10010000L
Havering Mixed11000000W
Misfits Mixed00000000
Nottingham University Medics Mixed00000000
Kendal Mint Cakes Mixed10010000L
Ben Rhydding Mixed11000000W
Bebington Mixed10010000L
Prescot Mixed11000000W
Wisbech Town Mixed A100167-10L
Eastbourne Mixed100167-10L
Harborne Mixed100145-10L
Luton Town Mixed100134-10L
Windsor Mixed100134-10L
Wigan Mixed100134-10L
Gore Court Mixed100123-10L
Blueharts Mixed100123-10L
Cambridge South Mixed100123-10L
Edgbaston Mixed100123-10L
Old Georgians Mixed100123-10L
Repton Mixed Vikings100112-10L
St Ives Mixed100101-10L
Newark Mixed100101-10L
London Wayfarers Mixed100101-10L
Norwich City Mixed 2100101-10L
University Of Bath Mixed A100101-10L
Clifton Robinsons Clobbies Mixed100135-20L
Newent Mixed100124-20L
West Derby Mixed100124-20L
Bournville Mixed100113-20L
Shrewsbury Mixed100113-20L
Penzance Mixed100113-20L
Southgate Mixed100102-20L
St Albans Mixed100114-30L
Cheshunt Mixed100114-30L
Hampstead & Westminster Mixed100114-30L
Thame Mixed100114-30L
Wigton Mixed100114-30L
Southampton Mixed100114-30L
Liverpool Sefton Mixed100103-30L
Winchester Mixed100103-30L
Dereham Mixed100103-30L
Golborne Mixed100103-30L
Sunderland Broom Mixed100137-40L
Felixstowe Mixed100115-40L
University Of Warwick Mixed 1100104-40L
Berkswell & Balsall Common Mixed100116-50L
Salisbury Mixed 2100116-50L
Marlow Mixed100116-50L
United Services Portsmouth Mixed100105-50L
Knole Park Mixed100105-50L
Leeds Adel Mixed 1100139-60L
City Of Manchester Mixed100117-60L
South Gloucestershire Mixed 1100106-60L
Cheam Mixed100106-60L
Driffield Mixed B100106-60L
Leeds Adel Mixed 2100106-60L
Tamworth Mixed100107-70L
Riverside Mixed100107-70L
Purley Mixed1001010-100L
Chertsey Thames Valley Mixed1001010-100L
Gillingham Anchorians Mixed1001214-120L
City Of York Vikings Mixed1001013-130L


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