Weekend’s Results (10th of November)

Sunday, 11th of November 2012

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club
Results from the weekend of November the 10th, 2012 are below. The Ladies 1s were, incredibly, 1-0 up with seven minutes to go after a strong performance again St Albans. Showing the Mens 1s how to win a local derby (they drew the week before), the Ladies 2s won their game against Lincoln Roses. Meanwhile the mens’ teams playing this weekend notched up 13 goals between the 2s and the Vets from their two away games.

Team Oppostion Location Game Type Result
Ladies 1st Team St Albans 2 Home League Game Lost 3 – 1
Ladies 2nd Team Lincoln Roses 2 Home League Game Won 1 – 0
Mens 2nd Team Leeds Adel Carnegie 6 Away League Game Won 7 – 1
Veterans Grimsby Away Won 6 – 0



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‏@retrobod responding to the Mens 2 result
@Lincoln_Hockey a fantastic team effort to bring a 7:1 win home. Sealed with a crashing reverse stick goal from cap’n Chris!!


‏@DaveNUFC92 responding to the Mens 2 result
@Lincoln_Hockey Lincoln 7-1 Leeds adel ! Tremendous victory !!


‏@sjbrennan12 responding to the Ladies 1 result
@Lincoln_Hockey didn’t get to play as got a little injury – but the girls lost 3-1 and I am informed they played brillantly!


@LincolnRosesHC responding to the Mens 2 result
@Lincoln_Hockey  cracking result well done


And Finally

@LincolnRosesHC responding to the Mens 2 result
Got to thank @Lincoln_Hockey  men’s 2s for some supporting our men’s 1s in Leeds today

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club

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