Lincoln Hockey Club AGM, 2014

Thursday, 27th of March 2014

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club
This years’ AGM is to be held at the Lindum Sports Association on Wednesday 7th of May at 7.30pmWe have decided that this year it would be fun to have a mixed social game before the AGM starting at 6pm with food in the bar after the game and before the start of the meeting. Lincoln Hockey ClubWe would love as many people to come to the meeting as possible as this is your club and your chance to have your say, or even take up a position on the committee. Please encourage as many people as possible to come and play in the game and attend the meeting, as the saying goes ‘”the more the merrier’”.

Below you will see a list of the current committee positions. We are also going to add some new positions at the AGM, which will need to be voted upon. These are Mens 3rd Captain and Vice Captain (a new team, NOT the Development Team), Womens 3rd Team Captain and Vice Captain and Junior Representative to Committee (which can be a junior or a junior’s parent / guardian). If anyone would like to stand for any of the positions listed above or below, or know someone who would like to represent the club please put your / their name(s) forward. We would prefer that you attend the meeting but if you are unable to attend you can still be nominated for your desired position. Don’t be put off from standing for a position if you are unable to get to the AGM, we want people to get involved. If there is more than one person interested in a single position then traditionally you will get a few minutes to say why you would like the position before the club members present put forward a vote. Don’t be shy, we would love to have new people on the committee. If you are as passionate about our club as those of us who are already on the committee then come and join us.

If you have any queries regarding the AGM, positions and what is involved or are unable to attend then please contact or send your apologies via email to [email protected].


  • President
  • Chairman
  • Hon. Secretary
  • Hon. Treasurer
  • Mens Fixture Secretary
  • Ladies Fixture Secretary
  • Ladies 1st Team Captain
  • Ladies 1st Team Vice Captain
  • Ladies 2nd Team Captain
  • Ladies 2nd Team Vice Captain
  • Mens 1st Team Captain
  • Mens 1st Team Vice-Captain
  • Mens 2nd Team Captain
  • Mens 2nd Team Vice Captain
  • Veterans’ Captain
  • Mixed Captain
  • Youth Development Officer
  • Newsletter / Press Secretary
  • Mens representative to Committee (1)
  • Mens representative to Committee (2)
  • Ladies representative to Committee (1)
  • Ladies representative to Committee (2)
  • Social Secretary
  • Hon. Auditor
  • Vice Presidents
  • Welfare Officer
  • Disciplinary Officer
  • Website Manager
This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club
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