The Joy of Socks

Monday, 4th of August 2014

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club
Lincoln Hockey Club has started to stock and sell playing socks in the royal blue colour of the club’s kit for £5 a pair. Mark Sadler has sourced these and he’s planning on making them available from the lockup at the Lindum in time for Wednesday’s first pre-season training of the new season. They will continue to be for sale thereafter.


The socks are royal blue with “LHC” written down the back and a white band over the top. More detailed images are below. They are available in sizes from 12-3 child’s, 3-6, 6-11, 11-13.

The club will be keeping track of the most popular sizes sold in order to keep on top of stock levels.


Socks on Backorder?

If you have socks on back-order with Kukri it is looking increasingly unlikely that your order will be fulfilled. The reasons behind this is that Kukri have their own rules in place, for the purposes of economies of scale, whereby they need a minimum number to be ordered by the club as a whole before they process the one bulk order. This order, the committee feel, is somewhat high considering the size of the club and until that threshold is met the order remains on hold, despite other parts of individuals’ orders being fulfilled. At present many club members have socks on order and will have been waiting a while now to receive them.

If as a club member you wish to cancel your outstanding sock order / orders then you need to contact Kukri directly with your order number(s) and request a refund. Unfortunately the Committee is unable to carry this out because the original orders were put in on an individual basis, so the orders require cancelling by each individual.

Kukri remain the club’s supplier of all other kit.


Club Socks

LHC Socks

Lincoln Hockey Club socks – knees not included

LHC Socks

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club

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