Now Accepting Card Payments

Monday, 9th of November 2015 | Posted by
Now Accepting Card Payments
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Club members and supporters can now can now pay for club services via credit or debit card.

The Lindum Sports Association’s Sports Bar now has the facility to take payments for Lindum Hockey Club’s social events, so you can now purchase your tickets via credit or debit card over the bar.

Lindum Card Payment


The website, meanwhile, also has the facility to now take online payments via PayPal. As well as upcoming social events, you will be able to pay for annual club subscriptions online in the future, taking advantage of the availability of this service 24/7.

PayPal is a market-leading payment provider that handles your transaction when buying via the club’s website. The club never sees nor holds your personal, financial details as you are sent to their secure services at the point of payment. Please note that there is a 1% surcharge for online transactions to cover the cost of taking payments in this way.

For example, you can now buy the advance tickets, at £5 for the the Curry Night on the 21st of November from either the Lindum Sports Association’s Sports Bar or via the page on the website.

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