New SilverFX Shopping Windows

Thursday, 4th of February 2016 | Posted by
New SilverFX Shopping Windows
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SilverFx have announced new shopping windows for the new year, going right the way through to Christmas.

The published dates are;

  • Order by 18/02/16 Deliver by 24/03/16
  • Order by 17/03/16 Deliver by 21/04/16
  • Order by 14/04/16 Deliver by 19/05/16
  • Order By 12/05/16 Deliver by 16/06/16
  • Order by 09/06/16 Deliver by 14/07/16
  • Order by 07/07/16 Deliver by 19/08/16
  • Order By 04/08/16 Deliver by 08/09/16
  • Order by 01/09/16 Deliver by 06/10/16
  • Order by 01/10/16 Deliver by 05/11/16
  • Order By 01/11/16 Deliver by 06/12/16
  • Order By 22/11/16 Deliver by 20/12/16

Delivery to the club remains free while delivery direct to an address of your choice is £7. Five Day Express delivery is also available if you need to get that replacement pair of shorts / skort in time for your next fixture.

Shop online at SilverFX.

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