Summer Hockey

Friday, 25th of March 2016
Summer Hockey Summer Hockey

Lindum Hockey Club is entering twelve teams into the Hurricane Sports Summer Hockey leagues that will be starting in May and to be played at the Lindum Sports Association. The league will run as follows:

  • Mondays – Ladies 7s
  • Tuesdays – Men’s 7s
  • Wednesday/Thursday – Mixed 11s


Call for Captains

With twelve teams being registered there is the opportunity for players of summer hockey to take on the captaincy of a team (or two, in the case of some!). Captains already in place have been forming their squads so if you’d like to ensure that you’re playing stepping up and taking on a role is the way to do it!

If you are interested in captaining a team please contact the club via [email protected].


So far the following teams have been registered, and those who have volunteered for a captaincy are listed alongside.

Ladies 7s

  • Lindum A – ??
  • Lindum B – Angie Green
  • Lindum C – ??
  • Lindum D – ??


Mens 7s

  • Lindum A – Sean O’kelly
  • Lindum B – Rob Seeley / Louie Sadler
  • Lindum C – John Harrison
  • Lindum D – ??



  • Lindum A – Kirsten Parslow/Matt Ingram
  • Lindum B – Rob Seeley / Louie Sadler
  • Lindum C – John Harrison
  • Lindum Development – Mark Sadler (Junior Side)
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