Lindum HC’s 2016 AGM

Monday, 4th of April 2016
Lindum HC’s 2016 AGM Lindum HC’s 2016 AGM

The first Lindum Hockey Club AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the club’s existence has been announced.

The date of the meeting will be May the 6th, 2016 at the Lindum Sports Association. The meeting will commence at 6:30pm.


AGM Agenda

Lindum Hockey Club
AGM Agenda
6th May 2016, 6.30pm at Lindum Sports Association

1. Members present

2. Apologies of absence

3. Minutes of last AGM

4. Matters arising from minutes

5. Confirm and adopt minutes

6. Finance report

7. Confirm and adopt annual membership subscription rates

8. Sub Committee reports – Commercial, Junior, Playing, Social

9. Team reports

10. Confirm and adopt new club constitution

11. Election of Officers for Executive Committee

12. Date and time of next AGM and first committee meeting

After the AGM has finished there will be a short Q & A session for club members to ask questions to the new committee.


Positions Available

The following positions will be available for the Election of Officers for Executive Committee during the AGM

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Junior Section Chairperson
  • Website, Communications and Social Media Officer
  • Fundraising and Sponsorship Chairperson
  • Social Chairperson
  • Club Development Officer
  • Fund Raising and Sponsorship Officer
  • University Representative
  • Club Welfare and DBS Officer
  • Male Chair of Selection
  • Female Chair of Selection
  • Fixture Secretary
  • Umpire Development and Co-ordination Officer
  • Lindum Sports Association committee representative x 2
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