Logo Design Competition

Posted by Alex Cooper
Sunday, 22nd of November 2020
Logo Design Competition Logo Design Competition

Your chance to design this year’s Christmas Club Logo for the website!

I was really missing Junior Hockey Training yesterday morning but instead of getting all mopey about it I hit upon an idea for the website. In November junior club member Eva Belli (7) got creative and drew the club’s logo freehand, and we made this our profile image on the club’s social media channels…

Every year we alter the logo on the website, around Christmas, to our Romain Centurion with a Christmas hat on. We don’t go overboard with things snowflakes falling down the screen but just a nod to the fact that it’s the festive season.

Lindum Hockey at Christmas

This Christmas, we’re going to do it again but open it up as a competition to anyone who’d like to get involved. Produce an image of a Christmas Logo for the hockey club and we’ll post all submissions on the website. If we have enough entries then we’ll divide them into groups (such as the age groups at the club; Under 8s, Under 12s, Under 16s and Senior), and the winner of each group will win a prize. The overall winner will have their design used on the website and the club’s social media channels until twelfth night … or whenever I get round to changing it back again.

You can use any materials and art techniques you wish – pencil, crayons, paints, photoshop, MS Paint, dried pasta, etc. and you don’t have to use any aspect of the existing club’s logo in your design.

As a bit of inspiration, the club logo has been tampered with before…

Lindum HC Coronavirus


What Do You Get For It?

  • All entrants shown on the website
  • Prize for each age category
  • Overall winner’s image used on the website and social media profiles
  • Loads of kudos!
  • Parents: perhaps 30 minutes of peace while your kitchen slowly gets filled with glitter


The Rules

  • All submissions must be your own work
  • No part of any submission may be subject to copyright
  • Submissions must be in a digital format (but you can take a photo and submit that)
  • The judges’ decision is final
  • No cash equivalent to prizes
  • We have your permission to use your image everywhere
  • Any direct member of the judges’ family may enter but won’t be picked as the winner to avoid allegations of bias (unless they’re clearly the best in that category)

Entries should look good when placed in a square image, and bear in mind that platforms like twitter reduce the image to about 49 x 49 pixels.


Get Involved

Submit your entries via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Closing date is at 11:59pm on Saturday the 5th of December, 2020

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