Changes to Club Training

Posted by Alex Cooper
Monday, 16th of August 2021
Changes to Club Training Changes to Club Training

Changes being applied to all Club Training sessions with immediate effect include no longer needing to pre-book

Since the beginning of the ill-fated 2020-21 hockey season there have been restrictions in place, for Covid-19, concerning how many people can be on the hockey pitch at any one time. To manage this we (very quickly) brought in a booking system, on a first come-first serve basis, so that the club knew how many people would be at a session and also to ensure that we remained compliant and managed the risk of infection between club members.

With the recent changes in restrictions, as of this week (and hopefully for a long time into the future) pre-booking does not need to take place anymore. Just like prior to last season, you can arrive on the relevant training night for the team that you play in (or will be expected to play in if you’re new to the club). The booking system on the MyClub member system has been disabled.


What stays in place?

As last year, registers must be taken for each session to log attendance. We are still required to let England Hockey know who’s attended each session but also changes coming in for the club’s insurance also stipulate that we keep a record.

All coaches running a session need to ensure that a register is maintained and added to the club’s digital facilities (if not done all at the same time) within 24 hours. Similarly, despite this year’s membership fees incorporating all match fees for most membership tiers, digital match envelopes will still require submitting by team captains.

Finally, pre-season training (for the 2021-22 hockey season) is only open to 2021-22 club members, so to attend you must register your membership for the new season. This can be done very easily via your MyClub account – you don’t need to pay anything yet; simply be registered.


What’s Changed?

  • Pre-Booking: No
  • Registration: Yes
  • Registered 2021-22 Club Member: Yes


Pre-Season Training Schedule

Tuesday (10/08, 17/08, 24/08, 31/08)

  • 6:45 to 8:15pm Ladies performance (1st & 2nd XI)
  • 8:15 to 9:45pm Men’s performance (1st & 2nd XI)

Wednesday (11/08, 18/08, 25/08, 01/09)

  • 6:45 to 8:15pm Ladies club (3rd to 6th XI)
  • 8:15 to 9:45pm Men’s club (3rd to 6th XI)

Thursday (12/08, 19/08, 26/08, 02/09)

  • 6:45 to 8:15pm Ladies performance (1st & 2nd XI)
  • 8:15 to 9:45pm Men’s performance (1st & 2nd XI)


The in-season training schedule will commence from early September and the details and timings will be announced shortly.

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