Game Management System

Thursday, 9th of December 2021
Posted by Lindum Hockey Club
Game Management System Game Management System

The Game Management System (GMS) is England Hockey’s new system to record all hockey matches in England. 

It is designed to hold all club team and player records as well as game data entered by the team captains or managers. It is the start of the future for hockey, it will be the home of player profiles which will hold a digital history of games played, match reports and more.

Players can register using this link

This process will be followed by leagues & competitions starting to require teamsheets & matchsheets to be completed, this is starting with the Area Adult Premier Divisions and will work through the structure progressing steadily over the coming weeks. Each Area League & Competition will communicate when they expect teamsheets & matchsheets to be used, the timing will vary from Area to Area. The teamsheet & matchsheets capture appearances, scorers and card details that will allow a player and a club to build up detailed hockey histories over time.


Players will need to sign up to England Hockey’s new GMS so they can be added to electronic match sheets. Instructions on how to do that are included beneath. This is also the method for team officials for matches, eg coach, manager, sports therapist, to sign up.

Player sign up is available at More information for players will be added to the England Hockey website over the next few weeks for you to use to help encourage players to sign up.

All club players must sign up to GMS if they are going to play in competitions organised on GMS. This includes all adult league matches and junior competitions that are run via GMS. The system will start to form a player’s hockey history across all the games they play for any team or club in hockey. It’s the start of a much better digital provision in hockey nationally and locally and we need all players to be there from the start. This is also the method for team officials for matches, eg coach, manager, sports therapist, to sign up

The process is slightly different for players over 18 and those under 18. The process for players signing up is as follows.

Players Over 18 Players under 18 must be registered by a parent
1) Go to and click ‘Register’
2) Select ‘player’, add your details and select your club (get this right!)
3) You’ll get a code sent so you can proceed
4) Complete your full profile
5) Wait for approval from your club
1) Go to and ‘Register’
2) Select ‘parent’, add your details, select your club (get this right!)
3) You’ll get a code sent so you can proceed
4) Complete your full profile including the details of your child/children
5) Wait for approval from your club(Note that when players are 18 full profiles can be created and transferred to player)


What do I have to do? 

  • Participant Profile – All players have to be registered (so you can appear on match sheets). You must set up an individual account. This is a quick process and you only need to do it once.
  • Your profile will capture your playing and umpiring history, your details and consents. This will stay with you if you move clubs.
  • You’ll have to link yourself to hockey clubs that you currently play for. This is because many players might play for more than one club or team (e.g. summer league etc).
  • Player Transfer – You’ll be able to initiate a transfer during the season to play for another club in a competition if regulations permit.

When do I have to do it? 

  • Look out for the link to sign up coming shortly.

What’s coming in future phases: 

  • Your playing history – This captures appearance in clubs and teams, goals scored, cards (providing this is captured on match sheet)
  • GPS Tracking Map – Add your smartwatch or Fitbit tracker to your match history
  • Videos – Add video clips of goals scored or team photos


What do I have to do?

  • Every fixture will have a match sheet on GMS. The match sheet will record the score, players and key events in the match such as scorers, cards and injuries.
  • Match sheets are expected to be populated before a match takes place with the match results submitted after the game.

How does it work?

  • You will get access to these Admin rights on GMS which are assigned by the Club Admin which provides all the information about your team and the matches they will play.
  • To make things easy, you will add registered team members to match sheets using drop down boxes.
  • To save time, you can copy the previous week’s team sheet to use as a template and amend.
  • Information like shirt numbers will auto populates from player profile but can also be overwritten if shirt numbers are different (not all levels will require this).
  • After the game both team admins enter the full time score, goal scorers and cards which will update the league website and players playing history.

If you have any questions please read the FAQ’s first and input into the questions log. For anything urgent please contact the GMS support email. [email protected]

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