Under 12s Report: Louth Hockey Club, May the 11th

Tuesday, 20th of May 2014

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club
A week last Sunday, the Under 12s went to Louth Hockey Club to play in the Lincolnshire Friendly Junior Leagues. Angus Graham’s father, Robin, has provided the report below for the A-Team.

The team got off to a slow start and surprisingly losing their opening game against Louth two-nil. We were a little rusty. The second game was against long Sutton B. After a bit of a chat and changing the team around, it led to a very comfortable three-nil win. Next up was a very tough game against long Sutton A . We changed tactics and positions a little again and it nearly paid off against a very strong team (who won the tournament). The team played brilliantly and really deserved the draw, just conceding a late goal. They were naturally disappointed coming off the pitch and this perhaps put a shadow over their next game against Sleaford, which again we lost one-nil.

The final game was against a strong Spalding A team (runners up). While it finished goalless the team were excellent, in control and actually we should have won. Overall, the A team finished 4th but it could easily have been second or third.

  • Poppy played really well as striker; finding space, working hard and scoring.
  • Sam played well too and did an excellent man marking job in defence against Long Sutton A.
  • Evie got stronger as the games went on and played really well on the wing, helping out when needed.
  • Angus was his usual energetic self but had to play deeper than he would like, chipping in with a couple of goals.
  • Frazier did really well coming on the wing and stuck to his task, getting forward and helping out when needed.
  • Abbie was very solid in defence and showed confidence to bring the ball forward.
  • Harvey played a game on the wing and other games in defence. Harvey played well too, although I know he was keen to play in a more attacking position.
  • Eleanor grew in confidence and played extremely well in defence, especially the last game.
  • Robert was also playing for the B team but when he was playing for the A team he played very well and made a good save in the final game.

They all gave 100% and it was great to see how well they began to play as a team after that rusty start. They left with their heads high and knowing they gave the strong sides very good games. They represented the club very well.


The B team finished 13th overall and won their final game.

This was posted by Lincoln Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club

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