Dominant win from the Ladies but an unlucky weekend for Men’s 1s

Wednesday, 22nd of October 2014
This was posted by Lincoln Roses Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club

Saturday 18th October League Games 

L1 won 12-0 vs Cleckheaton. Goals from A.Green (x5), N.Just (x4), L.Milner (x2) and S.Brennan
L2 won 8-1 vs Hull University. Goals from R.Bradley (x2), A.Scott (x2), A.Carlin, K.Parslow, H.Allott and J.Siddans
L3 drew 0-0 vs Sheffield Hallam
L4 lose 15-0 vs Driffield

M1 lose 5-2 vs Brigg. Goals from T.Pinder (x2)
M2 drew 3-3 vs Brigg. Goals from G.Watkins, C.Hearn and S.Hill
M3 lose 3-2 vs Kingston-upon-Hull. Goals from A.Gorman and M.Woodhouse
M4 lose 7-0 vs Hull University


Sunday 19th October Cup Games

Men's 1s vs Didsbury Northern in the England Hockey Trophy
Lost 6-2. Goals from M.White (x2)

Sunday 19th October League Games

M3 win 5-0 vs Doncaster. Goals from S.Adams (x2), D.Roberts, A.Gorman and A.Mountain


Mens 1st XI Match Report

Didsbury 6 – Lincoln Roses 2

I was meant to write both match reports for the weekend, having foolishly volunteered to write the Saturday one before (some would say unjustly) winning  DOTD on Sunday.

Brigg weren’t great, we were worse, they scored 5, we scored 2. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Being highly tuned athletes and all that, most of us decided a good night’s rest was on the cards and would be appropriate for the game on Sunday. Seeing a certain member of the team post at 00:47 on certain social network site, it was evident people had different ideas. It probably explained why this team member missed an open goal with the scores tied at 0-0 but I digress.

So it was on Sunday morning we departed Lincoln, and as I’m sure it has been reported many times before, it was a perfect day to play hockey. We travelled with only 12 players, one carrying a serious injury, reports suggested a Hamstring tear rivaling Michael Owen, however being the trooper he is, Sean played through the pain barrier, having said that, there was a lot of whining, waa waa waa.

Speaking for those that travelled with our illustrious Captain, I can only say I was happy that we made it there in one piece. Due to a moulting dog, Mike and I took an executive decision to have a blanket protecting ourselves from a layer of hair, instead of using seat belts. Our faith in Gary’s driving was misplaced. Wrong turns were taken, cars were cut up and the most obvious red light I have ever seen was run, with the more worrying admission that he didn’t even realise it was there. Driving through some of the more “cultural” parts of Manchester, Ben quickly locked the doors, a wise decision we all agreed. So it was we arrived at Manchester High School for Girls. What is it with clubs not playing at their own pitch? (Brigg played in Scunthorpe but I don’t want to talk about that).

We headed for the changing rooms, a mothers’ meeting was held to decide which colour kit to play in, through no fault of our own I have to add. Didsbury say they play in Green, it is more white than green. Our home and away shirts are…you guessed it green and white. This prompted calls for a third strip, maybe a pink number similar to Stade Francais, but it’s open to discussion, maybe even a forum could be opened to debate this further. Eventually we decided on green, which I was more than happy with; white washes me out according to my mother.

Now during in the warm up, Gary genuinely tried to play hockey with the back of his stick. I, unfortunately, was the only one to witness this and so a strong contender for DOTD was missed. It was much worse than what I was awarded it for, but as you can tell I’m not bitter. Not at all. Not one bit….

With only 11 fully fit players spirits were high as everyone knew they were starting before Gary even picked the team, probably the only plus to having a depleted squad.

We started brightly; an open goal was missed (see reference earlier, another contender for DOTD conveniently forgotten about). They then scored 4, I can’t remember how, they probably weren’t that good then; lucky deflections and own goals I think. Even whilst behind, there was a definite positive attitude on the pitch, which had been lacking the day before, and the mighty Roses rallied. Mike White picked the ball up just outside the 22 yard line, went past one player, horrendously stick blocked another and finished with aplomb. The stick block was a thing of beauty; all 22 players, 10 fans and a dog saw it was an obvious foul – the umpires disagreed, 4-1, the comeback was on. On the stroke of half-time a short corner was won, Mike White once again dispatched it, with Ben Leeming quoting post match, “It’s the best flick I’ve ever seen live.” Cute.

Not long into the second half, I tackled their player, he fell over, I was subsequently yellow carded. If I was Gary Monk I would have called him a cheat; I’m not and I shan’t. This is why I won DOTD, very harsh don’t you think? I do.

Back to the hockey. While I was in the bin, Didsbury scored again, I’m pretty sure it was meant as a pass by their player but it somehow crept in. As the game reached its climax, legs started to wane and the play became stretched. Another open goal was missed, this time worse than the first – very Fernando Torres-esque (Torres at Chelsea, not at Liverpool. At Liverpool he was unbelievable!) How this didn’t win DOTD I will never know.

Didsbury scored one more at the end, nothing to write home about. Credit where credit is due, Didsbury were a very good side and although we lost 6-2, it was an infinitely improved performance than the damp squib of a display the day before. Everybody worked hard until the final whistle, playing with great team spirit and if we continue in this vein, I have no doubt the mighty Roses will be back to their winning ways in no time.

Post match, beers were drunk, saunas were had, I might have mentioned before but I was voted DOTD (enquiries as to why are being held). Ben Leeming was quite rightly voted MOTM with a stupendous performance at the back, thwarting attack after attack.

If it hadn’t been drilled into us enough before the weekend but coach Rick’s favourite quote from Michael Jordan has more resonance now than it ever did before. “Talent wins matches but teamwork wins championships.” Onwards and upwards.

This was posted by Lincoln Roses Hockey Club prior to the creation of Lindum Hockey Club
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