Match Reports: Mens 2s, 3s and 4s

Monday, 7th of December 2015
Posted by Geoff Ngoe, Sean O'Kelly and Alex Cooper
Match Reports: Mens 2s, 3s and 4s Match Reports: Mens 2s, 3s and 4s

Mens 2nd Team Match Report

Hull Uni 1 v Lindum 2, by Geoff Ngoe

Lost 5-2 (Chris Hearn, Harry Middleton)

Outstanding, exceptional, dazzling, excellent. Just some of the words you definitely couldn’t use to describe Lindum’s performance in this game. You’d be hard pressed to follow up arguably the team’s best performance last week in beating Airedale 8-0 with such an abject showing this time around, but somehow the team managed to perform just that very feat. The contrast between the two games couldn’t be starker and the fact a defender wins the Man of the Match in a team that ships in 5 goals just about sums up the day. And this to a team that sits second from bottom in the league.

Preparation for the day was hampered slightly when one of our players forgot to pack his shorts for the game and had to rummage through the Sports Centre’s lost property box for an emergency pair (Louie Sadler shall remain anonymous as the player in question). And that was just about the highlight.

Lindum started brightly, trying to move the ball around and stretching the students and so it was that Chris Hearn popped up at the far post to tap in from close range. To say the wheels fell off spectacularly thereafter is to assume that we packed the wheels in the first place – clearly the team had forgotten to bring the engine, chassis and suspension. Hull Uni were playing like a team that defied their league position, were first to every ball and seemingly wanted the game more. They soon equalised on a short corner with the defence unable to deal with a rebound. Even trying to play with 12 players on the pitch at one point didn’t seem to work, despite having a manager on the sidelines looking after the substitutions (Mark Sadler shall remain anonymous as the manager in question). So an unforced yellow card for the captain just made our task that little bit harder.

Hull Uni took the lead soon after when Lindum lost possession needlessly in defence and the home side needed no second invitation. 2-1 became 3-1 in yet similar circumstances, half time couldn’t come soon enough. A verbal kicking from the manager seemed to have done the trick as debutant Harry Middleton took a hopeful long ball, rounded the keeper and scored from a tight angle. And from a position of a likely fightback, Lindum’s performance just disintegrated. Players didn’t know 1. How to pass, 2. Who to pass to, 3. Who to mark and were always second to the ball and easily dispossessed when trying to do too much with the ball. Lindum resorted to the long ball in the hope of finding the lone man up front, completely going against the kind of game they know and should be playing. The remainder of Hull Uni’s goals were scored when they always seemed to have an extra man to pass to. There is absolutely nothing positive to say about this weekend’s game, this is a team game and whilst every player was rightly lauded last week for such a fine result, then every player must take collective blame for this week’s effort.


Mens 3rd Team Match Report

Leeds Adel 1 v Lindum 3, by Sean O’Kelly

Lost 3-4 (Jack Rounsley 2, Dew Dewy)

On the back of a disappointing loss away to Wakefield 3s, Lindum 3s looked to bounce back and put in a good performance against a strong Adel side sitting at the top of the table, at Lincoln University.

The game started off at high speed, with the early impetus coming from Lindum, with early chances being created for the forwards of Jack Rounsley and Shane Barr.

Lindum took the lead with what was a slightly unorthodox short corner routine. With Sean O’Kelly injecting, and Dewy awaiting the ball, he failed to hook the ball enough and it fell to Rounsley at left slip who smashed the ball into the bottom corner. Lindum held the lead for a short period, before an Adel player kicked the ball past a defender in the D, before finding his teammate to slot in. Lindum created more and more chances and felt hard done by when Rounsley pressed high on the defenders to win the ball on the 25. He then played the ball to O’Kelly who produced, what everyone agreed was, complete anti skill before volleying over the shoulder into the bottom corner. Dangerous play supposedly, but never mind. Adel also created several chances of their own, however keeper Sean Ingham ensured that the score remained level at 1-1 going into half time.

Both teams came out strong for the second half and Adel raced into a 3-1 lead. Lindum then pegged back the score through a great dummy by Barr, which resulted in the Adel keeper kicking the ball out to Dewy who slapped high from near the edge of the D. Within another couple of minutes, Lindum equalised through a reverse deflection from the hard working Rounsley, following a shot from Dewy that arrived via a defender’s foot. Dewy appealing for a short without realising Rounsley had finished it off. The game then became stretched and it looked like anyone could score. Unfortunately, that was Adel with around five minutes left on the clock. Lindum pushed but could not find the equaliser that they thoroughly deserved.

A 4-3 loss was a very respectable result considering the reverse fixture finished 10-0 to Adel, and it provides the 3s with a lot of positives to mount a rise up the league and out of the relegation places. The whole team should be proud, with exceptional performances from Lee Thomas, Jack Rounsley and Sean Ingham.

MOM: Rounsley – solid performance
DOD: Rounsley – late arrival


Mens 4th Team Match Report

Ben Rhydding 4 v Lindum 4, by Alex Cooper

Lost 3-2 (Angus Graham, Stu Kirk)

It was a miserable day on Saturday; high speed winds, spending what felt like days getting to our game and the rain falling at ninety degrees to the pitch. Yup, we were playing away at Ben Rhydding.

Ben Rhydding’s 4th Team came out of the blocks with the full force of a team hungry for a good result, betraying their 100% non-winning record of the season thus far and with a … few faces new to the side that we beat only a couple of months earlier. They were immediately pressuring Lindum’s D but a controlled performance from Stu Gutteridge and his defensive line-up kept them clear for the early part of the match. A dangerous ball cleared out of the defence (which is true it would have been dangerous, certainly if anyone had been standing nearby) brought a short corner but it was a later short that saw a smartly angled hit colliding with the backboard and opening the home team’s account.

Clearly incensed by this turn of events, Angus Graham went and equalised within seconds. Normally keeping his goals (and his sending offs) for the Under 14s on a Sunday, it was a real pleasure to be able to see one of his goals in-the-wild on a Saturday. The game was actually a very competitive affair; neither team really held the edge and there was some brilliant play from both of the well matched sides. Not blowing my own trumpet here (except that I am), I put in a beautiful save on the line by volleying a fast-paced shot on goal, off the side line to the left.

The second half, we felt, would serve us better with the rain coming in at ninety degrees behind us rather than directly into our eyes. This was borne out by Stu Kirk who netted our second and then later felt understandably aggrieved when the rest of the side thought that Angus had scored two during the game.

As the second half went on, the game sadly and unnecessarily descended into farce. I’m going to be a grown-up, for once, and not vent my feelings, about the quality of the game, in public. What happened wasn’t warranted and it certainly wasn’t what you’d expect from a club of usual high regard. A real pity, as until this point it was an enjoyable fixture.

Needless to say the game ended in a loss. As Saturday afternoon came to an end the feeling remained that of misery (apart from Stu Gutteridge – he was absolutely livid!).

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