One Hundred Club

Monday, 1st of February 2016 | Posted by
One Hundred Club
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Introducing Lindum Hockey’s One Hundred Club!

A One Hundred Club is a fundraising initiative that provides you with the opportunity to win a cash payment made up of 50% of the monthly total brought in by the competition. The remaining 50% is donated to the club so as well as giving yourself a better chance of winning than the National Lottery, you’re also helping to raise funds for the club (which helps everyone out).


How it Works

  • Club Members (or parents of Junior Club Members) register a number, or a set of numbers, from a list of 100
  • Each number can only be registered once but you can register as many as you’d like
  • Numbers cost £6.18 for the first six months (trial period) – this covers the whole six month period (so works out at £1.03 per month)
  • A number from 100 is drawn every month
  • If it’s your number, you win the cash draw
  • It’s as easy as that!

You don’t even need to leave your computer as you can register your favourite number, or numbers, (assuming that they’re available) right from this One Hundred Club webpage.

Numbers are registered, initially, for six months so get yours now while it’s still available!

Play For Lindum Hockey Club

Lindum Hockey Club always has hockey playing opportunities regardless of age or ability. Register your (no obligation) interest in Lindum Hockey Club below or read more about getting involved.

Non-playing opportunities also available!

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