Training Frozen Off (29th of November)

Tuesday, 29th of November 2016
Training Frozen Off (29th of November) Training Frozen Off (29th of November)

Training for this evening, Tuesday the 29th of November, has been called off due to unfavourable weather conditions.

We have been monitoring the pitch throughout the day; it was obviously frozen this morning and without any activity taking place on it, and temperatures barely exceeding freezing, it hasn’t thawed at all. A pitch inspection has been made this afternoon and the ice remains visible on the surface.

As temperatures are due to drop further later on this afternoon and so we’ve taken the decision, from a safety perspective, to call off all training sessions this evening. Apologies for any inconvenience that this causes however the club doesn’t want to see anyone getting hurt.

This affects all senior mens’ training and training for males aged 13-16.

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