Volunteers Meeting, September 2018

Posted by John Sisman
Thursday, 9th of August 2018
Volunteers Meeting, September 2018 Volunteers Meeting, September 2018

The club’s annual Volunteers’ Meeting, for all coaches, umpires, captains, etc. will take place at the beginning of the season

On the 15th September at 11am, after the first junior training of the season, there is a meeting for all coaches, captains, umpires and volunteers. It is essential that as many of you as possible attend this meeting as we need to ensure that all of the necessary safeguarding and coaching expectations are shared with all of you amazing people.

The club is as successful as it is because wonderful people give up their time. Thank you.

There are some significant changes to safeguarding that everyone needs to be aware of.

If you are interested in volunteering and have any questions prior to the meeting, please have a chat with Mark Sadler, Gary Johnson, John Sisman or any other members of the committee.

John Sisman

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