Club Secretary Role

Posted by Alex Cooper
Monday, 2nd of December 2019
Club Secretary Role Club Secretary Role

Lindum Hockey Club has a vacancy on the Committee for a Club Secretary

The role of Club Secretary at Lindum Hockey Club is currently vacant and is one that we ideally need fulfilled for the ongoing running of the club. We have been operating with an acting Secretary since the beginning of the season – with duties delegated around other members of the Committee – but in order to best utilise the resources that we have, and ensure that the time that our volunteers give is spent most wisely, this is a role that we would like fulfilled as quickly as possible.

The job description is outlined below however, given that we are now nearly half-way through the season, many of these tasks have been completed for the 2019 / 2020 hockey season and much of the role for the remainder of this year will be in managing external communications, booking meeting rooms and taking / formalising meeting minutes. Committee Meetings take place once a month, during the season, and this role includes voting rights as well as a say in the running of the club. At this stage of the year it is not likely to be an arduous, time-consuming role.

This role can be fulfilled by a playing member, a non-playing member, a parent or partner of a player, or a supporter of the club. The Committee is, as always, incredibly grateful for the time that anyone puts into the running of the organisation. It goes without saying that this role is not gender-specific.

If you would like to put your name forward for the role of secretary, or enquire further with no obligation, please let us know via the website’s contact form.

Club Secretary Role

The Club Secretary shall be responsible for the administrative affairs of the Club as well as promoting, arranging, organising, communicating and recording all activities in regard to the Club to the members in a timely manner.

Job Description:

  • Arrange monthly committee meetings, produce Agenda and other documentation, book rooms as required and notify attendees.
  • Attend and take minutes for Committee meetings including AGMs and EGMs monthly
  • Be the ongoing main point of contact at the club for other organisations, members of the public, other clubs, England Hockey, North Hockey, Yorkshire Hockey, Lindum HC members.
  • In general, ensure administrative systems and processes are efficient and well managed
  • Produce and circulate minutes promptly – within seven days of the meeting monthly
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