Mens County Hockey Match This Week

Posted by Tony Perrin
Tuesday, 23rd of April 2019
Mens County Hockey Match This Week Mens County Hockey Match This Week

Lincolnshire plays Derbyshire this Wednesday at the Lindum Sports Association

A pre-county championship friendly match takes place at the Lindum tomorrow night between Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.

Quite a few Lindum players are in the county squad, so why not come along and support both them and the county side in this quality friendly. Derbyshire are also in the Division A group of counties and are playing at the other county championship venue in Sheffield in May.

Push back is 8pm on Wednesday the 24th of April.

This match goes towards giving both county sides a run-out before the main event on 11th & 12th May. Lincolnshire Hockey Association, Lindum Hockey Club and Lindum Sports Association are hosting the other pool here at the Lindum lover the same weekend.

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