Kit Delivery in Lockdown

Monday, 23rd of November 2020
Kit Delivery in Lockdown Kit Delivery in Lockdown

Information for those wondering where their kit delivery is, while we endure a second Coronavirus lockdown of 2020

Since the Online Store opened 18 months ago we’ve always had two suppliers of products to provide kit to club members.

  • MDH Teamwear
  • Lindum Hockey Club


MDH Teamwear provide most of the items on the store and the clothing that can be embroidered / printed with the club logo and perhaps your initials if you prefer. Being based in Leicester, MDH Teamwear courier the part of your order than they supplier direct to your front door or the address that you enter during payment on the store.

Lindum Hockey Club hold stock of certain low-cost items that, if you were to order them on their own, you’d pay be as much again in delivery fees. So to keep the costs to club members down, the club holds stock of socks, hats and masks. Usually, when ordered, these are stored at the Lindum Sports Association for you to collect, as has always been made clear on the online store and the order emails that are generated.

Clearly, since March the Lindum Sports Association hasn’t been open to general admission which has caused an issue where those with sock / mask / hat orders are wondering where their kit is.


Where Is My Kit Delivery?

At this time, your kit may be in a number of places;
If you ordered before March then it’s most likely that the products on your order will still be at the Lindum Sports Association’s clubhouse. We can’t currently access these so we’re afraid that this will be a case of waiting it out until it’s open once again.

If you have ordered since March, and you’re still waiting on your Lindum HC-supplied order, the stock is assigned to you upon ordering so there aren’t any concerns about there not being any left for you. We don’t sell what we don’t have available.

When hockey starts up again, post-lockdown #2, we will see what’s possible to get kit your order to you. As we’re not permitted to hang around at the pitch after games, etc, this greats something of an issue but we’ll advise accordingly. At the moment we’re not able to arrange these to be posted to you.


Online Orders

The final order date to guarantee a Christmas delivery has now passed but the online store has continued to operate and take orders throughout the year.

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