Hockey Pitch Remains Out of Use

Posted by Tony Perrin
Thursday, 21st of May 2020
Hockey Pitch Remains Out of Use Hockey Pitch Remains Out of Use

All club members, and other users of the Lindum Hockey Pitch, are reminded that the facility is not currently in use

While the government begin to consider, and implement, a relaxation of the lockdown rules under the current Coronavirus situation, the club would like to remind all club members and other users of the hockey pitch that it remains out of use.

Edit, 22nd of May: This post was written and released prior to the updated advice from England Hockey, from the 21st of May. Until further information from the club supersedes it, this is the current position with regards to using the pitch

The hockey pitch is owned and managed by the Lindum Sports Association. Lindum Hockey Club is currently fully settled, from a financial perspective, with the Lindum Sports Association and as a result we have no access to these facilities until August at the very earliest.

The hockey club, meanwhile, are operating under guidance from the sports’ governing body, England Hockey, and Sport England. The advice remains that, until we receive official confirmation saying otherwise, the club is not operating and there is no sporting activity taking place including practice or the opportunity to knock a ball around the pitch.

With both the Lindum Sports Association and Lindum Hockey Club not operating, there also is a minefield of liability / insurance-based risk if users of the pitch were to be proven to have contracted an illness during its use (no matter how many people, two or more, are using it). Social distancing is not possible to implement, let alone continue to monitor.

When the situation changes we will let everybody know as soon as we can, as we’re all eager to get back to playing hockey.

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