New Covid Rules, 14th of September

Posted by Alex Cooper
Wednesday, 9th of September 2020
New Covid Rules, 14th of September New Covid Rules, 14th of September

The UK Government have announced new restrictions in the face of Covid-19 infections, coming into force on September the 14th

In an announcement that becomes UK Law on Monday the 14th of September, the UK Government are restricting social gatherings of more than six people. Fines will be used for anyone not following these new rules.


What does this mean for us?

The Government’s advice specifically excludes sport;

The rule does not apply to schools and workplaces, or weddings, funerals and organised team sports

At the time of writing we don’t believe, going on what’s been announced, that this changes anything for the sport of hockey or the club. Clearly we are an organised team sport and from that we’re taking the view that this includes training sessions.

A massive amount of time and hard work has gone in, behind the scenes, to ensure that our training sessions are as covid-safe as they can be possibly be and that we’re following all guidance and advice.

There are a number of meetings taking place over the next day or so, at the higher levels of hockey, and we will await further information as a result of their outcomes. If we need to change or modify our plans or procedures then we will do so when the guidance to us changes.

As of this time, the morning of the 9th of September, we are running business-as-usual (that’s “usual” for what we’ve put in place so far and are working with, as opposed to “usual” hockey seasons). Should the advice change then we’ll update the website as soon as we can.


What can I do?

Right now, if you a training session booked then carry on as you would have done otherwise.

If you’ve not yet registered as a club member then you need to do these things before you can play;

  1. Register with England Hockey’s covid-system
  2. Register with Lindum Hockey Club as a member
  3. Pay a Covid Membership
  4. Book a training slot

This is the same process as was detailed last month.

Please note that the club is obliged to ensure that everyone has signed up with England Hockey’s covid-system prior to being able to step onto the pitch, so we’ve integrated this into the usual club membership process.

England Hockey are running their covid-system for every player in every club across the country so their turnaround is not immediate.

We’ve found that it can take up to to three or four days for us to be made aware of a new signup. Our advice is that – even if you’re reluctant to pay a membership at this time – register with England Hockey and register with the club to get this part of the process completed.


Please don’t chase us up on whether England Hockey have yet confirmed that you’ve signed up to their system. When it happens you’ll be sent an email with login details to a portal that will allow you to book a training session on the pitch.


What will this season look like?

Prior to this morning’s announcement we are now expecting some form of league hockey to take place though the details are still to be announced. The starting points of the various leagues are going to be delayed, in comparison to previous years, but hopefully not by much.

Again, when we know more it will be detailed on the website.

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