Club Membership, 2022-23

Posted by Alex Cooper
Friday, 19th of August 2022
Club Membership, 2022-23 Club Membership, 2022-23

As the start of the 2022-23 hockey season gets underway at Lindum Hockey Club, some information on Club Membership

Just to provide some information and clarification on membership and payments for the forthcoming hockey year, we are running the exact same system we did last year for the 2021-22 season and this will simply carry over from last year.


When Can I Register as a Member?

Registration for the new, 2022-23 hockey season has been open since the beginning of August.


New Club Members

Welcome to Lindum Hockey Club! To sign up as a new member, fill in your name and email address on the membership form. You will be sent an email with further instructions and a link to the full membership form.

In terms of payment, nothing is expected until the end of September so you have time to see if Lindum HC’s the right club for you.

Existing Club Members

If you had a membership last season, by far the easiest and quickest way to renew your membership is via your MyClub account. When you log in you’ll be asked about renewal, and there’s a handy guide available from last year.


How Much does Membership Cost?

The cost of playing at Lindum Hockey Club has remained the same as it did last year, so no match fees and just one total amount to cover all training, matches, insurance, etc. We’re very open about how much it costs to play here, and the plans available for membership are below…



  • Gold Tier: £250. Full membership including all matches (league, cup and friendlies)
  • Silver Tier: £220. Full membership including up to 10 matches (league, cup and friendlies)
  • Bronze Tier: £190. Full membership including up to 5 matches (league, cup and friendlies)


If you don’t have definite plans for the next hockey season, you’re returning from injury, etc. or you can’t / don’t want to commit to a full season at this stage then you can upgrade from Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold, etc. as the season goes on (please note that downgrading is not possible but see later regarding hardship).

You will not be selected to play if you reach your membership match amount.



For club members 13 years and above (Year 8 and above) or at College / University.

  • Student Membership: £145

Full membership includes all matches (league, cup and friendlies)



  • Junior – Standard (Under 12: Year 7 and below): £85
  • Junior – Pay as you Go: £5 per session

Junior Standard membership includes all matches (league, cup and friendlies)



This membership level is for Veterans / Masters playing in Cup Competitions only, and Members of other England Hockey-affiliated clubs who are unable to represent those clubs in competitions.

  • £25 membership
  • £15 per match



Social: £30. Social member of the club (non-playing member but a club member with access to the clubhouse, etc.)


We also offer ways of reducing membership fees including, but not limited to, umpiring, coaching, catering, etc.


When Do I pay?

As last year, we’re splitting up membership payments into monthly amounts (£50 minimum for seniors, £30 minimum for juniors) and as mentioned above, nothing is expected until the end of September so don’t let this prevent you from registering as a member.

Membership instalments are paid via your MyClub account using credit / debit card, or for ease of not having to think about it, you can set up a Direct Debit (see below).

You can still continue to add the costs of kit, from the online shop, and other club payments to your ongoing total as the season goes on.


How do I set up a Direct Debit?

This can all be done from within your MyClub account.


I did have a Direct Debit in place from last year

Any existing Direct Debit agreements will be rolled over to the new season – there is nothing you need to do. The first payment will automatically be taken at the end of September.

If you would like to pay more into your ongoing balance, you can change how much will be charged from within your MyClub account.


I’m Concerned about Finances

The club is very aware of increases in the cost of living at present, and this was the thought process behind keeping membership fees at the same level this year.

If you have any concerns about being able to meet the costs of playing then there are details from within your MyClub account on how to bring this up, confidentially, with the club to see if help is available. Bringing any concerns up sooner, rather than after a payment is due, will work in your favour so please do this first.

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